Għada Security Ltd: your security for the future

Għada Security Ltd is a value added enterprise specialized in proposing technological innovations that help companies to achieve compliance with legal norms, privilege management, enhancement of security levels and the protection of the company’s assets. Our offer is supported by our training courses and specialized professional services available to authorized partners.

Thanks to our team of experts we are able to offer, our partners, professional support when choosing the product that is most suitable to the needs and requirements of their clients, as well as ensuring continuous post sales assistance.

Għada Security Ltd is an innovative company, ever ready to propose innovations in fields, such as that of security, which is constantly evolving. That is why Għada Security Ltd is a valid support in the development of a product portfolio to propose to your clients.

Għada Security Ltd marketed products

You can contact us to find out the solutions we propose in the following areas:

  • Identity Management
  • Infrastructure Security
  • Management & Audit
  • Privilege Management
  • Threat & Vulnerability

You can get more information and details regarding the characteristics of the products listed above by consulting the appropriate sections.

If instead you require further information, you can contact one of our consultants using the form on the contacts page, to get support and guidance in your choice of the most suitable solutions for your clients.