Products for the centralized management of accounts, logins and the segregation of privileged and applications passwords

PowerBroker Password Safe ®

Is a product that manages and limits access to impersonal, administrative passwords on critical systems

PowerBroker Password Safe is a solution based on a monolithic appliance (physical and/or virtual) with high availability and disaster recovery. In a totally agentless mode, it deals with the storage and management of passwords for privileged accounts of any IP device, accessible through Telnet and SSH. Those needing to access a system, request the password through a web interface; this request can be subjected to an authorization workflow. Once the activities have been completed, PBPS performs a password change on the target system, thus implementing an OTP (One Time Password). In addition it is also possible to define a policy of periodic password change as well as its complexity level. The several logs and report allow every activity to be kept constantly under control and to correlate a privileged password issued at any given moment to the person using it. API are also available for the integration with scripts and applications that require privileged credentials, therefore avoiding the need to insert credentials in places where they could be easily found.

PowerBroker Identity Services ®

Makes the integration of Linux, UNIX, and Mac OS X servers with Microsoft Active Directory simple and effective

PowerBroker Identity Services is an Active Directory gateway, a solution that enables users to utilize their own Active Directory credentials to access the Unix/Linux and Macintosh systems. In this way an SSO (Single Sign On) system is implemented , which uses the Active Directory as a centralized source for users, not only for Windows, but also for Unix/Linux and Macintosh.
You can also use the Active Directory GPOs to control parameters as the password complexity, lenght, age and number of previous password remembered.

SmartSign ®

SmartSign is a multi-factor out of band strong authentication solution for websites, applications and cloud access

Replace passwords with simple, seamless and secure authentication, it supplies multi-factor authentication including smartphone option. You can control access to web applications on the internet or company intranet and secure & protect your application in the cloud.
It protects against weak password logins and it is quick and easy to implement. Prevent your website, web app or cloud-based application being hacked due to weak password logins.
SmartSign is a true out of band strong authentication solution.