Solutions for achieving the right level of security for the modern infrastructure

DigitalArx ®

The real on-premise solution, able to transform the existing corporate infrastructure in a simple, reliable, and secure file sync & share system.

DigitalArx ensures the highest security standards, in accordance with strict corporate security and Data Loss Prevention policies, meeting the requirement that data should reside within the company’s data center. Information can be accessed and shared between employees, partners and customers from any desktop and mobile devices. DigitalArx works on PCs, tablets, and smartphones, that can be personal or corporate.

PowerBroker End Point Protection ®

The integrated multi-level protection for Windows endpoints, based on a client that replaces several security agents

PowerBroker End Point Protection is an antivirus and antimalware protection solution, with a firewall, intrusion detection, file integrity and vulnerability assessment functionalities, both for end point servers and workstations. It can be managed centrally trhough the Beyond Insight console, by which priority can also be given to remediation and the installation of patches considered as necessary by the VA component, to protect against known threats, from zero-day to all other attack vectors.

secRMM ®

Protects your infrastructure from the misuse of Removable Media Devices

The use of Removable Media Devices has become so prevalent today that the threat of having intellectual property, sensitive information and other valuable data lost, damaged or stolen is quite alarming. In a perfect world, you would want the computers in your environment to be protected from malicious Removable Media incidents while still allowing proper use of them as productivity aids. This is where secRMM comes in. secRMM protects your data from unauthorized use by employees and hackers alike. secRMM is very easy to deploy and integrate into your existing security strategy and it is the first true DLP technology available specifically for USB thumb drives, esternal Hard Disks, Floppy Disks, CDs and DVDs and the widely diffused Smart Phones.

Secure-K ®

Secure-K is a secured enterprise-level operating system which offers a new approach to how computers are used in a business environment.

It runs on a secured USB key with double protection: HW featuring AES 256 bit encryption, based on FIPS 2 layer 3 standard, tamper-proof technology and PIN code, certified to accomplish severe US government security standards; SW with AES 512 bit encryption to secure all data and apps stored in its persistent partition. All these features make Secure-K OS especially suitable for all those sectors in which security is a crucial factor or for companies operating in “hot” or politically unstable areas of the world.