Solutions to enable management to achieve security objectives and compliance with regulations

Beyond Insight ®

Beyond Insight unifies the PowerBroker e Retina solutions to support those in charge of security to collaborate in risk reduction

Beyond Insight is a risk management solution based on the ability to analyse information from Retina vulnerability assessment tool and from Beyond Trust privilege and identity management solutions. It allows us to provide a precise picture of the state of risk, enabling to define the intervention priorities that will lead the Client’s IT infrastructure towards compliance with internal and/or external regulation requirements. It is also capable of importing information relative to vulnerability analysis performed through the use of other VA products available on the market. Several modules are available with advanced functionalities for compliance with standards, reporting and analysis of web applications.

Power Broker Auditor ®

The most scalable solution for tracking, and restoring configuration changes in Active Directory

Power Broker Auditor is an auditing solution for the Microsoft world: Active Directory, File System, SQL Server and Exchange Server. The logs that are created are by far more efficient than those originally provided by Microsoft, with value registration before and after the traced operation. Enforcement and recovery modules are available which, for example in the case of Active Directory, exceed the native structural limits, allowing a very granular restore, impossible to achieve with the standard tools provided by Microsoft.