Solutions to enable management of threats and vulnerabilities and perform an early warning analysis

BE4 ®

BE4 is an Early Warning and Management platform, for the detection of the latest vulnerabilities and for the management of mitigation operations and risk resolution.

BE4 constitutes the link between vulnerability analysis products and services that highlight existing software threats and vulnerabilities. BE4, thanks to the innovative functionalities that characterize it, aims to promptly detect company assets affected by a vulnerability, as soon as it is made public by the “vulnerability feeds”. BE4 was designed to have the highest usability; its use is simple and captivating thanks to the Web 2.0 e HTML5 technologies.

Beyond SaaS ®

Beyond SaaS provides companies with Retina technologies through subscription on the cloud

Beyond SaaS is the solution proposed as Software as a Service for vulnerability assessment, remediation and compliance with regulations based on the most common standards.
Among the added functionalities, the Web App Scan is of particular importance in the spotting of vulnerability in web applications exposed to the internet.

Retina Network Security Scanner ®

Retina is the best-known vulnerability scanner and is the engine behind VA’s Beyond Trust solutions

Retina Network Security Scanner is the vulnerability scanning engine behind Beyond Insight and Beyond SaaS solutions; RNSS is however a standalone tool capable of thoroughly scan the entire infrastructure in order to intervene on any found vulnerability, making it therefore more secure.