Marketed products

The marketed solutions have been selected in order to reach the specific security objectives commonly present in various realities of Client companies. For each and every one of these, Għada Security Ltd has consolidated years of experience in providing support to its network of partners, with regard to design, personalization as well as the integration of the marketed technologies in the existing infrastructures.

Looking for tomorrow’s security

The solutions we propose can be classified into different families which together create the principle of Multi-level Security; the integration of different levels of protection enables us to introduce security for user identity management, activity tracking, privilege management, vulnerability analysis and enhanced protection at an infrastructural level.
The main families are:

  • Security Management & Audit
  • for supporting management and compliance with standards

  • Identity Management
  • for the centralization of accounts and privileged password management

  • Privilege Management
  • for the granular management of privileges and the separation of roles

  • Infrastructure Security
  • for the appropriate level of security in the Modern Data Center